Shelters & Rescues Collaboration Proposal

EpiPaws is on a mission to make pet healthcare proactive.

The Pet Age Test helps pet parents discover their dog or cat's age from a mouth swab of DNA with an accuracy of within a year of actual age. Drastically improving guesstimates made from physical features alone (especially with rescued pets from bad conditions).

We want to help your shelter/rescue thrive and help your adopters make informed health decisions.

Let's explore how we can help you!

We are looking to gift a limited number of Pet Age Test Kits to shelters and rescues in return for posts and social shout outs, but that's not the only way we can work with you. A few ways we've worked with organizations include:

  • Give aways on your behalf to expand your email list.
  • Commissions on sales for addresses for direct mail.
  • Donations for logo placements or email blasts.
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Let's get creative!

Contact us today to figure out how we can help your organization, so you can keep doing what you do best, saving the fur-babies!