Meet Our Pawtners

MyBalto Foundation

Pet healthcare is expensive and myBalto is finding a way to bridge the gap make it so pet's can get access to the necessary medical care regardless of what is in anyone's wallet.

Learn how MyBalto is doing this and join them in their mission HERE


An expert guided pet-parenting platform that connects pet parents and industry experts.

Don't pet-parent alone!

Get the PupWise app HERE.

The Dumb Friends League

Pet Adoptions, shelter, and vet services

The Dumb Friends League strives to work with their compassionate community to end pet homelessness and animal suffering.

Support the Dumb Friends League, use this link along with code FRIENDS to get 10% off and give them 10% for every age test!


Pet Genetic Testing

Genetic panels for dogs and cats.

Get your genetic test here.


Helping you help animals!

Doobert is dedicated to finding ways to help animals in need and makes it easy for you to help out too. Shop the Doobert site to give back with every purchase.

Visit Doorbert here and start helping animals today!

A community led wellness platform.

ParkOwners receive more than just access to exclusive perks for people & pets, they also have a say in the future of the Park Ecosystem that supports pet longevity.

Join the Community here.

Ava’s Pet Palace

Treat your pets like Royalty with Ava’s Pet Palace treats. These organic, single and limited ingredient treats will keep your dog or cat not only begging for more but feeling good too.

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Joint treats are for all ages! That’s
right, the research shows that even young pups can benefit from joint treats. Jope’s hip and joint treats were designed by veterinarians for dogs and are sure to keep your furry friends tail waggin’.

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We Love to Collaborate!

Doing good together is way better than doing good alone.