About Us

Our Mission

EpiPaws is on a mission to make pet healthcare proactive. This means better tools to measure and track health as well as a greater understanding of how disease develops and of how the environment influences health. We believe the best way to do this is to get pet lovers everywhere involved. This is why we started our citizen scientist program where pet owners can help make scientific discoveries and receive the benefits from these discoveries as soon as they are available.

How the Pawty Got Started

EpiPaws was founded by a scientist, Dr. Andria Beal, with a dream to make molecular tools that would help animals. It all started when she developed an age estimation test for dolphins and saw how important it was to know the age of animals in a population. Wanting to develop age estimation tests for all animals, she was surprised to learn just how many pets had unknown ages and could use an age estimation test. This sparked the idea to develop the Pet Age Test which was developed in 2022 and officially launched in January 2023. However, the vision for EpiPaws was bigger than just age estimation. Having always been a pet owner, Andria often felt blindsided by illness in her aging pets and wished there was more we could do to be proactive instead of reactive to disease and aging. This is why EpiPaws is conducting research to better understand the aging process and how disease develops. This way we can avoid the disease before it begins to progress.