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Pet Age Test FAQS

When will I get my swab kit after ordering? 

Swab kits are mailed out within 5 business days after order placement. You will receive the kit within 3-7 business days once it’s mailed. We are a startup, and appreciate your patience and business.

Once I mail my swab back, how long until I get my results?

You will receive an email from us once your kit has been delivered to our headquarters. From there, it can take 4-8 weeks to received your results.

Will you be offering age tests for other animals?

YES! Age tests for horses and birds are coming soon. If you are interested in sharing your p.o.v. about future pet age test animal categories, please fill out this survey. We love learning from our community.

Research Participant Questions

What do you do with my pet's sample? 

The information collected by the Health Insights Survey will be used by us and other researchers to study changes in DNA methylation and correlations to health and disease. This data may be shared (without revealing your identity or your pets identity) and published in journals or public media.

What are the benefits of participating in research?

Your personal benefit by participating is that you will get to learn exciting new things about your pet for free and/or at a deep discount. Other benefits include helping animals everywhere have better tests available to monitor and improve their health and helping pet parents have more access to these amazing discoveries.  

I registered to be part of a research study but have not not received a swab, is something wrong?

We appreciate you registering with our research program. EpiPaws has a lot of industry changing, innovative products in the queue that we are excited to share with our community as we grow. We receive a lot of participation submissions and not all are a match for what we need. If you are selected to be in a study, you will get an email from us with next steps.

What can I do to help support this research?

If you have a pet, please sign them up to participate. Other ways you can help include referring your friends to participate, donating directly to the research fund, company sponsorship, or investing in the company. Reach out to to get more information. 

Investment Opportunities

Interested in investing in EpiPaws? We would love to have you onboard. To explore investment and start a conversation, please reach out to the CEO Dr. Andria Beal at